Boho chic decor is often misconceived to be 100% bright, vibrant colors, a gypsy style, over collected textiles, but that’s not necessarily the case. Remember the most important aspect of Bohemian chic style and design is manifested through the forging of unique and beautiful items. Items that have special meaning or better yet a story! “Maybe the hunt became the story!” I’m most fond of pieces that have time dedicated to them such as this drawing by the arstist Michelle Isham. A set of pine cones drawn with pen! Myself unable to fathom this kind of precision with no errors! Thus becoming one of my favorite finds and the beginning to the collection above a dresser in an area where I create.

“I love when I find something I can’t live without and it becomes the reason behind everything!”PicMonkey Collagelcxkvsd;lfjadsl

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