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Meeting The Woman Behind The Art

November 30, 2016

So excited to meet the woman behind the art!! You all know I’ve had the great pleasure of providing custom furniture for The Redwing Motel downtown Manitou for the past year! Suzie Hawkins, the owner of The Redwing, came to me, what seems so long ago with a vision of capturing Manitous artistic culture! She filled the rooms one at a time! Handpicking each piece and taking center stage in every room are the most breathtaking hand painted windows! As I walk from room to room I become overjoyed with color! Naturally you all know how I feel about color! The bigger the palette better! When you see these windows displayed in person they seem too good to be true! You can’t help but want to touch them! Shhhh don’t tell Jessica! They create the most beautiful and appropriate atmosphere for a Manitou getaway! So today during delivery, as I’m trying to sneak in and out without anyone seeing me Suzie yells from across the parking lot to introduce us! Jessica and I just so happen to show up at the same time! “Of course I’m always excited to meet other Paint Slingers just wish I had done something with myself today!” Jessica Vogel is her name and she owns a colorado local business called Art and Salvage Gallery! Let me tell you how recognizable her work is! I was in Salida Colorado with Pure Bouldering Gym for an event, walked past a store on the strip that reminded me a lot of mine, but when I walk in….windows floor to ceiling!!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven! It had to be Jessica’s! Lo and behold, during our short encounter she informed me that she lived in Salida and yes those were her windows! I strongly suggest including her in your collection! You won’t regret it!
You can find her work at

Below are pictures from her shop in Salida and below that would be the picture the day we met!



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