As I researched color trends for 2018 I was surprised to find out most company’s and independent interior decorators predicted teals and tans. There were a few that were a little more bold with their predictions, but the odds of you seeing their articles would be slim considering how deep in the net I was when I found them! There are also some people that believe black and white are making a come back! This I can agree with! However in a certain light!

As I follow social media and peoples lives around the world, even here at home I see a growing eagerness to be outdoors! “The popularity in outdoor selfies consumes us!!” Nature has made its impression and I think now subconsciously we are bringing the outdoors in!

With that being said let me share with you my predictions for 2018!  I believe this year the main trends you will see will be rich caramel browns, emerald greens and black and white! I’m also seeing a HUGE trend setting of animal hide rugs, fur throws, fur pillows and wood grain!

Now this doesn’t at all mean you can’t hang on to those favorite turquoise and orange compliments you already have! Remember like I always say, “the more color the more it works!”

Sincerely Danielle Shunk