It’s addictive and may not stop there….

My sister just reopened pandoras box for me by beginning this process herself…. I went down this road in my last home and found myself in a downward, never-ending spiral of psycho shopping for plastic containers. From TJ Maxx to Amazon. It lasted for days! I’m sure it was some stupid Pinterest picture that made me believe without this organization I was inferior to the rest of the world (LOL)!

However! This new way of living changed my life! Walking into my kitchen gave me a new sense of pride! “That’s right….everything is so pretty and right where it needs to be!” I felt I was on my way to becoming an Insta influencer!

I started buying sh*# I knew I would never cook because it looked good on my shelf (Ohhhh the noodle collection)! When you opened my pantry there were no cardboard boxes! Just sparkly clear containers! All the way down to the cat food! Everything was being well preserved! In my cabinets I had a baking section a mile long! Sprinkles….”when the hell have I ever used sprinkles”! Doesn’t matter!! It looks good and its clean and organized!

Little did I know this process was going to make me a better housekeeper. I cared about cooking again! I tried new recipes, I cleaned while I cooked, I decorated plates, I finally became the woman I loathed…but it didn’t stop there. It made me realize my disorganization was putting a damper on my quality of life. I felt anxious about dust in small corners or knowing I wasn’t sure where I had been keeping the titles to our vehicles. I had a craft cabinet that was slowing growing a mind of its own. Do I take on the rest of the house?

I decided it was now or never. I needed to push through while I had the gall. Knowing if I didn’t the woman inside me that encourages bad behavior would weigh me down. Oh my god she half asses everything…this isn’t for the faint of heart. Roll your sleeves up, rip everything off those shelves, wipe them down and start over. This is the only way. Room by room, closet by closet. Before I knew it, Big was building illuminated books cases to display my heel collection, preventing dust a cat gag from devaluing my investment!  

“It’s done! I did it!” Inner peace. Did organizing my home give me inner peace? Did Gandhi ever mention this? I mean come on! This is extraordinary! The last time I had this feeling I was in school and discovered gel pens! Every paragraph was a different color! Nice and organized!  

But truly this experience has changed my life and I can honestly say I slayed this form of adulting in the most obsessive-compulsive way possible! Knowing as I sit here at five in the morning writing this, my sister is dreaming of clear plastic containers….

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