SDS, Colorado’s Choice For Happier Cabinets

What if you could have a kitchen out of the magazine or off Pinterest?  SDS makes it possible. From country to modern, whether you entertain or simply love to cook, small space or large. Most homes have cabinets that are made of solid wood or particle board, plywood and MDF with sometimes a laminate face giving them the appearance of wood and making it impossible to care for. That’s just not good enough! When your cabinets start to take a turn for the worst and you’re tired of looking at them you may think the best option is replacing them. However that’s quite the investment! Having your cabinets professionally refinished could be less than half the cost of replacing them and the transformation will leave you speechless!  An inexpensive remodel that will not only dramatically improve your space, but will add value to your home.

Ready for a Kitchen Upgrade?

Enhancing your kitchen space begins with the cabinets! We provide a long lasting, inexpensive remodel in half the time, allowing you to choose a finish the reflects your personality and withstands high traffic. 

AHHHH!!! My new cabinets! Danielle gave me cabinets right out of the Good Home Magazine. We live a country lifestyle and now I have cabinets to match. I love the look, the feel and they are easy to clean!

Sara and Toby Vaughn

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