11695024_399087876951940_3585152988745761647_n PAINTING WINDOWS                  

I thought Id dabble a little in windows! Something fun for the store. When painting glass you have to use enamel paint aaaannnnd you have to wait and hour before applying second coat. Not as easy as it looks. If you chose a complex design youre in for a treat! LOL




On occasion I like to have a little fun with milk paint. Milk paint is a product that when painted over anything with a finish will chip away as if to give a “Ive been sitting on the porch for a long time look”. You don’t have much control over where it will chip off however you can always go back over areas with more of the same milk paint after adding a bonding agent. Ill explain below in the rules of the game. On this tallboy I used Ms. Mustard Seeds milk paint. Comes in a powder form and you add water. Its basically a 50/50 ratio. Going into this you need to prepare yourself for imperfections. Something I love personally but for those of you like my girl Jamie who is a perfectionist this might be a little hard to take.

Rules of the game!

  • Prepare for imperfections. Its a given. You most likely will end up with a slight variation in color or tone.
  •  50/50 mixture. Grab a jar mix equal amounts of powder to hot water.
  • I use a frother to mix. Pictures below. Cost me $8 battery operated.
  • Paint directly on anything with a finish. No primer no sanding. You want your piece to have basically a slick surface so the milk paint will do its things and chip away.
  • If you prefer less chip then add the bonding agent made by the milk paint company. For example I bought a bag of Ms. Mustard Seeds milk paint for $22 then a bottle of Ms Mustard Seeds Bonding Agent for $8. Mind you if you start out adding the agent be sure to use very little. It doesn’t take much at all.
  • Fixing too much chip away. mix your paint again and add a drop or two of bonding agent. Paint over anywhere that chipped away too much for your liking.
  • NOW. Heres the trick. If you painted a piece and it didn’t chip away at all, sand to your hearts content!




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