SDS believes the way we decorate our home is a reflection of our personality. Whether it takes you years to complete one corner or you redecorate on a regular basis to keep up with this years trends. Either way we make this accessible to everyone. Furniture is typically where we start and if we have ‘lady luck’ on our side we can find the perfect piece, complete in all its glory. However most of the time we find an inexpensive piece with great bones and shape, but needs a ton of TLC to even be considered worthy of our vision.

SDS Pieces

Danielle Says, “My heart and soul go into every piece I create. Here is some of the furniture that I have had the of pleasure creating over the years.” View my gallery to see some of my work.

Once you’ve cleaned the years of stains, stickers or glitter off tables and out of the drawers you then see its true potential. This will be the accent piece in the room. Paint just became your new best friend!

Given the right care, products and technique you can create any style, whether Classic, Shabby, Country, Modern, Gothic or my favorite BOHO. Certain products allow you to now portray an Ara or even the age of your piece while providing a durable finish.

Falling in love with a color or finish?

If you are looking to add an SDS piece to your home and loving a specific color or finish on the furniture that has already found a loving home, contact me to talk about our next project!

My childhood desk was a sentimental catastrophe. I cannot even believe what Danielle did to not just restore it but quite truly make it more beautiful than it was originally. The joy I have watching my 21 month old play with something that was so special to me three decades ago ­ well, it’s beyond words. Thank you Danielle!!!

Christi-Marie Butler

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