Interior Walls

Choosing the right color for your walls is just as important as choosing the right name for your child. If all goes well The color you choose could potentially compliment or showcase everything in your home. Its very important to take your time and choose wisely.

Painting gives you a clean, fresh look. Doing away with years of build up and revitalizing any space. This is the key to transforming your home.

SDS provides a professional and clean service. Painting walls, trim and doors. When the job is done our favorite cleaning service will step in to insure your valuable time is spent with your family and not straightening up after an overhaul.

Living Spaces

Where the family spends time together, where you entertain and relax. Does this space currently express who you are as a family? It may be time for a change. A fresh new look. Painting your walls, trim, doors, even fireplaces, makes the biggest impact on a room and is a great place to start when transforming your space. You can have the house you’ve always wanted in the house you’re already in just by taking a few small steps and we can help.


The bathroom is all about you so lets freshen it up with a new vanity, new look, clean trim, the appearance of a lifted ceiling to name a few options. This is where you prepare yourself for the day. Maybe this is where you recite your affirmations! Your bathroom should be no less than pristine and delightful. You can choose a color scheme and style that will make your bathroom either uplifting or tranquil, insuring that the beginning of your schedule and the end of your busy day is nothing but pleasant. Believe it or not this is a small project that will make a huge impact on your daily routine

Are You Ready for a Change?

Let’s talk about it! We will go over all the important details and make sure your home or office is the space you’ve always dreamed of.

Your Place of Business

First Impressions are everything and you may feel your space does not reflect the creativity and professionalism of your business. By having SDS come evaluate your space and learn about you and what you aim to achieve we can help to design a pleasing color combination and style that will make you stand out above the rest. We can transform entry ways, search for and customize unique office furniture, create custom art and signs, build the ambiance that will help aid in the success of your business.

White was not the color for our home. Too many messy kids. Danielle helped us choose a color that suited our lifestyle. The girls came in, were fun quiet and clean, and left our home with a fresh new look. Now it seems my house stays cleaner longer….Or at least it looks that way!

Andrea McKay