Products and Process

I use many different techniques and tools when I’m working on a piece. I won’t divulge all of my secrets but I will give you an idea of how I do my craft and make your furniture or home last for years to come.

Widespread Water Based Seal

Widespread Seal is just that. An easy to apply water based application that you can use over any color paint. This product allows you to either spray or brush and is self leveling and durable for high traffic. Because its water based it not only dries fast but makes for easy clean up. No more throwing out brushes! See Tutorial for instructions.

My Little Secret For Any Repair

What you see here “was” a broken table. I was able to create a seamless repair with a product called bondo. Its the same fill they use when repairing the body of a car, but works wonders on any type of furniture. Bondo is more durable than wood fill and you can achieve a smoother finish. Seamless!


Sometimes old school is the way to go! There are some great aging products and technique out there but my favorite is always wood stain. Please note you need to be sure your paint is sealed before adding stain over top otherwise the stain will dramatically change your color.

Before and after

Here are a  couple before and afters taken by customers!