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I am a Colorado based designer, happy life enthusiast and best selling author of nothing! I specialize in furniture and kitchen/home design! My focus is to create happy spaces and happy women! I’m a pro at providing specialty painted and refinished cabinets and furniture using superior techniques and am supported by Benjamin Moore! I’ve just begun to release my Happy Chair collection the end of 2019 and will be launching my podcast The Purge summer of 2020!! I want to thank you for being her and want to encourage you to follow my journey on all the platforms!!

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I chose home design because It’s important to wake up in a home that inspires you. A space your family can be creative and successful. Whatever your vision is I can help! My furniture is unique, my interior paint is fresh, clean and transforms, my refinished cabinets are ever lasting and I ensure we will find small details to make your home one of a kind!

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Happy Chairs

First visit to SDS today! I’m extremely, impressed! A lot of hard work and attention goes into each and every piece of furniture. If you are thinking about changing the color on your favorite, well loved furniture, or need a suggestion on changing the look…Sincerely Danielle Shunk, is the place! Love, love, love, her work and shop!!!

Robbyn Winburn